Incontinence Products

We tailor fit our patients needs to the number of products that Medicaid budgets for.
A patient may have a need for more than one product.

Our customer service specialists can identify the number of products and the amount needed within Medicaid’s aid limits. (Ex: Mary may need 3 pull-ups per day along with underpads for day or nighttime use.)

  • FMSI is very proud of its drop ship to the home incontinence program in Arkansas.
  • Our skilled staff work directly with Physicians and Nurses to get the set protocol of care in place without any delays.
  • Our friendly staff check monthly for reordering of needed supplies.
  • FMSI offers Pull-ups, Chux (under pads), (Briefs) diapers, female liners and pads.
  • FMSI can also help qualify if an adolescent meets guidelines under the ARkids Medicaid Program for incontinence aide.